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Madden NFL interesting facts

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Hereby I’d like to share some interesting facts with you about this very unique and absolutely lifelike sports game.

Fan base:

There are 5-7 million dedicated fans of Madden NFL, there are tons of fan forums, fan pages where fans share madden mobile cheats and other tricks to make the game easier to play. Quite interestingly over 50% of the current pro football players are also avid players of the game’s series although as a fun fact Madden himself who’s even giving the voice commentary for the series has never liked to play it himself.

The cover of the game:

Every version contains an important real life NFL player on their cover and more interestingly, they are chosen according to a specific voting system devised for the fans of the game. This way, the cover you see is always the result of a democratic election system. The choice of the exact cover photo is chosen via collectible player cards which one is also able to download via the game’s mobile feature.

Madden Bowl:

This is a large, even televised event which is held during Super Bowl weekend and it works like a single elimination tournament, with the participation of NFL players, who are invited to play the game. The winning player doesn’t only receive a Madden Bowl but will also be recognized in the computer game itself.  From 2016 the players play for the trophy in 3 people groups. To make the game more fun to play for those without gaming experience, the spinoff of the bowl for beginners is called Rookie Madden Bowl.


Madden NFL is the only American Football game which enjoys total exclusivity of being able to include real life players, coaches, teams and realistic scenarios in their game.  This also means that this is the official game of NFL itself.

The Madden Curse

Although the players who are now on the cover are normally elected by the fans these past years, prior 1999 the game’s versions always featured John Madden himself. And apart from being on the cover being considered a real honor, there has been a very interesting element associated with this choice. According to some fans, those who are featured on the cover of a Madden NFL game, later on would always experience either a sudden decline in their performance or they would get an injury. While the sport itself is very dangerous and has an excessive amount of injury rate by its nature there are still plenty of people who believe in this and call this phenomenon as Madden Curse.

Madden Soundtrack

Each version of the game has its very own soundtrack with specially selected songs which further elevate the gaming experience with songs specifically good or cool for playing.  The soundtracks are available to be purchased by online websites mainly.

And as a closure, let me add the last interesting fact: the game is the most popular simulation and sports game for pro footballers and coaches too. In fact it contains so many brilliant strategies that professionals can also use it to actually learn from it. This just adds to the mystique of the game.